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Visit this page to view my artwork over the years and learn the basics of charcoal drawings, graphite drawings, and oil painting.


Visit this page to see all the places in the world I've traveled to, and some highlights and recommendations from my journeys.

Amber Kaur

I'm a highschooler who loves traveling all over the globe, ice skating, and drawing/painting. I have visited over 15 countries and most of the US, but hopefully these numbers will grow in the future. I began ice skating when I was just seven years old, and I can honestly say that it only gets better every year. I especially love ice dance and synchronized skating. Finally, I've always loved drawing, but I wanted to branch out from the typical pencil and acrylic paintings, which lead me to begin learning charcoal drawings and oil painting. I am also interested in computer programming, which is what inspired me to create my own website from scratch using HTML and CSS.